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Uova di Pasqua prodotte artigianalmente da pasticceria Dolce Millennio

Torte prodotte artigianalmente da pasticceria Dolce Millennio
On the old part of Modica, where each church, each building and each street have their particular history, you will find the Pasticceria Dolce Millennio.
Davide and Ausilia, the two young owners and skilful artisans, chosed to stay at Modica Alta almost 10 years ago.
The secret of their great success is the desire to respect the past traditions and the strong passion for their work.
In our “Pasticceria-gelateria” we offer to you all the typical sweets of out town, following the oldest recipes.
But of course you will find also a lot of new products, as original and special packagings, artistic chocolate and sugar objects, cakes, etc.
In this shop window on line we would show to you our specialities: mpanatigghie e biscotti… Mandorla, Mucatoli, Mustazzoli, Amaretti, Ricci, Baci di dama, Burro, Filetti di arancia e cedro, Frutta Martorana, Pasta di mandorla, Orzata, pralineria, Torrroni alla mandorla, arachidi, pistacchi, nocciole, bianco, cubaita etc. At Christmas you will find a wide variety of “Panettoni” and at Easter there will be “Colombe” and decorated easter eggs, that you can also personalize with a photograph.
You can order now all that has whetted your appetite and in a few days you will taste all that you have chosed.

C.so Vittorio Emanuele 7, - Modica Alta (Rg)
Tel e Fax. 0932 066914
E-mail: pasticceriadolcemillennio@virgilio.it